I’m Joe, and I am currently a resident at the Wimbledon Art Studios. I work independently and on a commission basis on projects ranging from murals to prints to art tuition. If you wish to contact me about any of the works shown here, or anything else really- then feel free contact me. Details are at the base of the page

My mission is to create interesting visual art. That vision has begun to materialize through a style that uses both, abstraction and recognizable elements, melded and fragmented. I see beauty as arising from complex networks of simple elements in our world… from the layers of consciousness arising from billions of brain cell connections, to an inspirational piece of music comprised of intricate vibrations in the air. Nonsens = Exposing complexity. The world is devoid of any inherent meaning or sense, yet we have the ability to create our own…which is nice.

An important part of the creative process for me is destruction. Namely, the destruction of what I think my art should be, and asking the question of what it can be. Only by breaking down and eliminating preconceived artistic styles and ideas which I have absorbed, that can I create something more personal.

In my latest work I aim to explore the modern, industrial world around me using this visual re-imagination, a society with an ever growing attachment to technology, and virtual reality, and the effect that this has on us. The notion of perception can be perplexing, but also a source of fascinating exploration. What is physically there versus what we feel is there. The relationship between ‘reality’ and our take on it, provides a wide platform. I try and incorporate elements of illusion into my work by combining three dimensional objects into two dimensional planes.